Our Awesome Team

Suzan Thompson


Founder / CEO-- A native of Jamaica, WI; was raised in Bronx, NY.  Suzan founded the WELL in June of 2013 as a means by which to encourage others to fulfill their God-given purpose. She is a great ministry leader at her church and has been a certified teacher since Sept. 2004. She loves to sing, cook, and write blogs. She especially seeks to provide another means of outreach for women every where.  Suzan currently resides with her husband and three boys in Indian Trail, NC; in April, they celebrated fourteen years of marriage.  Her debut book was published on May 23, 2016.  You may order a copy of her book: You Can Begin Again: One Woman's Journey from the Abyss to the Promise.  

Suzette Blount


Co-Founder / Counselor (LAPC)--originates from Jamaica, WI; grew up in the Bronx, New York.  Has been married to George Blount III for 15 years and they have 6 children.  Suzette is a great singer and song writer. Her love for the counseling ministry has allowed her to provide help to many.  Suzette is a professional counselor with an extensive background in working with severely mental health patients.  Her work has helped many individuals overcome various types of challenges in  life.  Currently, Suzette welcomes clients at her office, here in Dallas, GA.  You can also find out more about Suzette Blount and her counseling service here: Psychology Today Therapists

Heather Otis


PR/Board Member--Heather has a true heart for ministry. She has served in a variety of management and organizational leadership roles in the financial and business world, and currently serves as board member and Public Relations Personnel for the WELL; her roles include overseeing a lot of the day to day operations and projects that the WELL is currently undertaking. Her passion is obvious in her devotion and commitment to the organization and her devotion to seeing that the mission is carried out. Heather is adept at interpersonal communication, collaboration, organization and she is an invaluable asset to the WELL. Heather is not afraid to speak on behalf of the company and acts as liaison between the WELL and its other constituents. She does her best to communicate effectively with potential partners, donors, and various individuals on behalf of the WELL. Heather is married to Joseph Otis and they both have three beautiful daughters.     

Angel Myers


Board Secretary/ Treasurer-- Angel is a prayer warrior and stalwart in God's kingdom.  She is a spiritual leader, but has also served in various roles in the business and financial sector and is currently a dedicated leader of the WELL.  She brings lots of inspiration, motivation, and generosity to the WELL team.  As a team player, Angel continues to help to manage the day to day activities of the WELL and works closely with the board president and other members of the board to ensure that records are kept up-to-date.  Angel brings a myriad of remarkable qualities to the WELL and in a non-boastful way is able to handle many of the challenges that come along with being part of the organization. Her love for the work is apparent in her willingness to switch up roles when necessary and in her great ability to be flexible.  Angel has a heart for the work of God and ministers to the needs of others in several different facets--in her immediate family, in her church, and in her community at large.   

Cynthia Thompson


Events Coordinator / Board Member--Cynthia is known for her delightful charm and for her supportive nature.  The WELL is honored to have her as part of the board as well as part of the WELL Volunteer Initiative Program.   Cynthia has a work ethic like no other.  As the Events Coordinator Support Personnel, Cynthia helps to provide all types of support to the WELL team as needed.  As a wife and mother and as a long standing member of the work force, Cynthia  comes with a great set of skills, which  include a great ability to collaborate effectively with others.  She also loves the work of the Lord and often inspires and motivates others to do well; she helps to make things better by offering guidance and support.   Cynthia has worked for many years as a servant leader in her church and has helped many young people and others within her church and the community.  

Leesha Thompson (AKA Kimmie)


Lead Volunteer / Outreach-- A perky and fun loving person; a great conversationalist.  Leesha, who is affectionately called Kimmie, truly brings a lot of cheer to the WELL team.  As the lead volunteer and outreach personnel, Kimmie helps to make our presence known in the community through advertising and outreach efforts.  Apart from her fun-loving nature, Kimmie is known for her competitiveness, flexibility and willingness to try new things and she is known for her heart of kindness.  She loves to give in any way that she can.  She is someone the WELL can count on to get the job done.  We are proud to have Kimmie as part of the WELL team.  Currently, Kimmie conducts Taboo Discussions via Facebook; real live conversations about controversial issues related to Christianity.       

Sherreda Lemar


Support Services Volunteer--Sherreda's cheerful attitude is one to be admired! She is an amazing individual.  Her welcoming personality shines at our events, where she serves in such graciousness and humility.  As our support person, we can count on Sherreda to be there as needed.  The WELL is grateful to have her on the volunteer staff as she comes with a great myriad of abilities and skillset that will not only help to enhance our  charitable programs, but will help the WELL to maintain its welcoming environment and inspiring role in the community.        

Keneka Gordon


Volunteer/ Prayer Partner--Awesome minister and servant leader, who has won our hearts.  Her generosity through prayer and giving of her time and her substance, has made a difference at the WELL.   She has a heart to serve and works behind the scenes.  We have assigned her the role of prayer partner as we are a faith-based organization; prayer keeps us afloat.  You can find out more about Keneka Gordon as she was featured in one of our SIS (Sisters in the Spotlight) Articles.  You can read that article here: Keneka Gordon